Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kareem Campbell #2.

The switch frontside flip over the picnic table is gigantic.

Duffs started out as Steve Rocco's shoe company. Most of the early team consisted of assorted Blind/Plan B/World Industries riders like Ronnie Creager, Kris Markovich, Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. Willy Santos was on the team and Deanna Templeton was even in an ad. I would assume she got paid and/or free shoes. They had two models initially - the Strombollie and the Cobnobbler. I had a pair of each and both were solid shoes that lasted a long time.

Kareem was also on the team and this was his debut pro model. I think he was the first person on Duffs to have a signature shoe, although Markovich's might have come out slightly before. I never had a pair of KCK's and I remember thinking at the time that I wasn't super into the design. Looking at it now, it seems like a good looking piece of footwear.

Transworld - November 1996 Volume 14 Number 11


Anonymous said...

what does the tread look like on those? The classic Sal pattern?

Anonymous said...

it looks like a splendid pattern of cock 'n balls

phil said...

I have a pair of these....white and gum sole. so classic

Anonymous said...

i had 2 pair of the cobnobblers no one makes a good gun rubber sole like that anymore. I still have the box to one of those. But i would rather have the shoes.