Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rob Carlyon.

Straight from the Hawaiian Islands, Rob rode for New Deal and turned pro for ATM. I'm not exactly sure what he is up to these days.

Rob's a hard guy to find coverage of. I've been looking to see if he had a New Deal ad and couldn't find any other than a group am one. I'm wondering if he had a truck or wheel ad ever.

Theo Hand was the photographer.

Slap - August 1997 Volume 6 Number 8


D. Davis said...

Rob works at APB skateshop in Honolulu, skates pretty regularly and trains and fights MMA. Awesome guy.

Justin said...

Thanks for the update. I did a quick Google search for Rob and found the MMA stuff, but wasn't completely sure if it was the same person.

Anonymous said...

heard he worked at an ABC store in honolulu

Skate Nazi said...

Hey man, I know I'm a bit late here with this but great job with the post!

I'm a good friend of Rob's and if you're interested I just did a whole blog post of my own about your blog post and added a whole bunch of Rob's stuff from over the years.

You can peep it out at