Monday, February 21, 2011

Zoo York Assassination Squad.

Fully equipped with an army of lawyers.

I don't think Zoo York would try this ad again today. It totally taps into the mid 1990s hip hop influence that was central to the image of the company. I don't think anybody would publish it either. Even back in the day, Big Brother was probably the only mag that was cool with it.

Eli Morgan Gesner took photos.

Big Brother - June 1997 Issue 26

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Anonymous said...

Man, Zoo York as it stands today is but an empty shell of itself. And I'm comparing the company today versus when it had people like Ricky Oyola and those other Philly heads they first came out.

It had such a raw, gritty feel to it, what with all the Love Park, and skating in traffic footage. Now, their most recognizable rider is a contest skater. What happened to this company is like an East Coast World Industries, it terms of a fall from grace.

--Rikku Markka