Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eric Koston #2.

Holy crap. Rick Howard was on eS?

Obviously it wasn't for long as he never had an ad and was on DC by the middle of the year, if not sooner. Howard's name also appeared in the previous month's ad with Bob Burnquist. That was it. I checked the eS website with the history of the brand and could find nothing. Does anybody from Girl actually look at this site? Can we get the story behind this?

As for the Koston One, it certainly was a classic. I think it was the perfect mix of a more technical design while still remaining a very functional and comfortable shoe. I had a pair and thought they were great. I never bothered with any of the reissues in case they weren't the same, which they probably weren't.

Slap - January 1997 Volume 6 Number 1


Anonymous said...


Can you imagine a Rick Howard part in Menikmati?? That would of been great

Anonymous said...


natenola said...

he had a trick in a 411 commercial, the show him pushing throughout everyone elses tricks during the commercial and he ends up 360 flipping a curb cut gap.
It's the same commercial that muska boardslides the rail in Sf that goes into the hill.

Derk Steemers said...

According to Atiba in his 15 year anniversary photobook for éS Howard actually had a sample shoe for them. It was around the time he quite DC.

Keith said...

This is up on Crailtap. Sweet.

So he had an ad for Vans (see cbi's latest Rickk post), his name in this eS one, DC, Lakai all in what time span? A few years?

justin said...

Vans - 1995 or 1996
eS - end of 1996/very early 1997
DC - mid 1997
Lakai started in 1999

I never saw that 411. Did Rick ever have any coverage in anything Sole Tech? I don't recall any, but that doesn't mean much. It seems like he was always skating Vans, Pumas or Converse.

Tom said...

The reissued Koston 1 (relabeled EK01 for obvious reasons) was very different to the original. The shape was a lot chunkier overall and the tongue was crazy bloated. Verging on D3 levels of chunkiness.

About 6 months ago, I asked a friend at Soletech what the deal was with the reissue being so different. Apparently the factory in Korea that had made the originals in the 90s had gone bankrupt and had all its assets seized. Including all the designs and moulds etc., so they'd had to reverse-engineer the design by cutting up existing pairs.

The Navy/Gum Koston 1 was one of the first shoes by any brand to use visibile air after Nike's patent ran out. Which has a funny circularity to it.

sabeat said...

rickk had one trick in modus wearing koston 1's. front nose down that odd bendy rail in LA(?)

Everybody was down for eS back then, most pros who were between sponsors rocked them all the time

Anonymous said...

he was wearing kostons in modus because it was the time period between dc and having lakai samples. i think carroll ran kostons as well.

dude, somebody post a picture of the eS howards. that blows my mind.