Monday, January 31, 2011

Marc Johnson #5.

When I was putting together DC week, I noticed that a lot of other classic skateboard footwear came out in the same time frame of 1996 - 1998. This included shoes from Sal Barbier, Kareem Campbell and Eric Koston.

First up is the Emerica Gama. I don't think that this shoe necessarily qualifies as an all time great, but I had a pair and I really liked them. It was a plain and simple design with a good cupsole. It's interesting to note that other than Vans and maybe Sheep, nobody was making anything Vulcanized.

Emerica had some pretty catchy ads with good use of bright colors and unusual layouts.

Slap - April 1997 Volume 6 Number 4


Anonymous said...

MJ never has a bad photo.
Already did a google search for those shoes but to no avail

Old School Sammy said...

One of my pet peeves with skate shoe companies is when they say a shoe is designed (inspired? UGH) by someone, but it's not their actual pro model shoe. Let's attach a popular skater to a nice looking shoe, but not call it theirs, so we can mass market it, sell a shitload of them, and then leave them out of the bigtime royalty loop---classy shit, I tell ya...