Monday, January 10, 2011

Jeremy Klein #2.

I like how Birdhouse had the running gag in their ads about how team riders ate a bunch of crap.

The picture is by Grant Brittain.

Transworld - December 1996 Volume 14 Number 12


Old School Sammy said...

Very well done and clean ad...would love to know the trucks he's grinding on....just curious.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but are they not Orion trucks?

Old School Sammy said...

You're probably right Anon---Orion came out of the Tracker camp when Street started to hit big, and Klein was on the Tracker program before that.

That said, to this day, Trackers STILL turn better than Indy's ever did, and I have ridden em both since Day One. Had Half-Tracks on my first ever REAL set-up, and had Stage Ones on my pool/park board back at the end of the 70's when they first came out. All the boards I have now have Indy's on em though, but I switched out those rock hard bushings and put some 87 Doh-Doh's in there so they can actually turn.

Justin said...

Klein is most likely riding Trackers, not Orions. I checked the magazine again last night and you can see the shape of the trucks with a little more clarity than the scan.

I think he was even riding Trackers in the End.

For a reference on the shape of Orions, refer to the Tom Penny ad from last week.

I rode a couple sets of Trackers and never had a problem with them.

Keith said...

Tracker Ultra lites had a built in kingpin to the baseplate. If you broke a kingpin, you basically had to (in order of ease):

a. buy a new truck

b. chisel out the bottom of the baseplate and pop the kingpin out.

c. buy a new baseplate (who the heck sold just baseplates anyway???)

Indy >>>>> Tracker

Old School Sammy said...

Keith--what you have to realize about Indy's is that they started as a stronger rip-off of Bennetts, with the excellent turning, then they evolved into another Tracker, minus the turning Trackers had, that they lost when they decided to go away from the Bennett model. Tracker screwed the pooch with those Ultra-Lite base-plates for sure, but go buy an new set of the re-cast Trackers and throw em on your park/pool deck, and you'll never ride the Indy's again, TRUST.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever ride those Tracker e-clips? Which were supposed to combat axle slippage by getting rid of axle nuts. A friend got suckered in and he said they were absolute garbage because the clips never stayed on due to the vibrations a board makes against the ground.

Do they still make Trackers or even have a team?

--Rikku Markka

Old School Sammy said...

Rikku--Tracker still has a website, high quality trucks (they got rid of those dopey plastic baseplates thank goodness!) and a pretty damned good team--just go to and check it out.

Royce said...

I rode a pair of Trackers. For half a day. In my opinion the worst trucks ever. Complete and utter trash. Sammy must be on the payroll.