Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Richard Paez.

Richard is Jesse's younger brother. He was also pro for Consolidated. He had a cool cover for Thrasher doing a frontside nollie on a mini ramp in the late 1990s. That's a trick that I really like and want to learn. However, my body just doesn't work that way. I can pop half cabs reasonably well for somebody who sucks, but the nollie version isn't happening for me.

DC week starts tomorrow and goes until next Friday, so you get eight days of vintage Johnston, Huf, Howard and more.

Thrasher - August 1996 Volume 16 Number 8


Anonymous said...

are either of those brothers still in skateboarding?

Old School Sammy said...

Anonymous---don't you realize that skateboarding is not something you're "in" or "out" of? Once you do it, enjoy it, embrace and love it---it never leaves your system...

It's the girlfriend that never let you down, the shot of booze that never made you puke, it's something you can't escape from, and why the HELL would you want to?

That said, I am looking forward to all the upcoming DC fun!

Justin said...

Richard had an update in Thrasher a couple of issues ago. He's still skating. It kind of sounded like he was working a couple of part time jobs.

I don't know about Jesse.