Thursday, January 27, 2011

Colin McKay.

Why not put a little more Colin on the old internet today?

Along with Danny Way, Colin was one of the two original riders for DC Shoes. He would have been riding for Girl at the time of this ad. He started off with Powell Peralta, switched to Plan B, was on Girl, then went to Seek and is back on the reincarnated version of Plan B.

Colin took a lot of the early 1990s technical street tricks to vert. He could also do the tricks in the street. I think I recall some joke contract that they scanned in for the very early days of Crailtap where it said Colin had get a certain percentage of tricks out in the streets.

The grey and orange colorway is a nice one on the Lynx.

Granted I've been updating after Chromeball updates and slightly adjusting what I had planned accordingly, but I'm going to be more than a little surprised if I see a Moses post over there tomorrow morning.

The photo is by Jody Morris.

Slap - December 1998 Volume 7 Number 12


Lucas said...

The Cozmo, Mike Carroll's model, was a great shoe. So was the Lynx—though everyone knows that. It's funny to see them advertised with the Legacy, Danny and Colin's moonboot vert shoe.

chops said...

You're safe... no Moses post tomorrow, haha. Thanks man. Keep up the good work.