Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tom Penny.

To go with that scan of Tom Penny from fifteen years ago, here are my five favorite video parts from 2010. Looking the year over, I guess I didn't buy that many vids and I'm horrible at watching stuff on the internet. I usually pick up the not so latest videos when they go on sale a year later or hope for a free DVD with the new issue of the Skateboard Mag.

My two honorable mentions are anything they post online at Roger and Karl Watson in LRG's Give Me My Money, Chico.

5. Emanuel Guzman - Prevent This Tragedy

I don't think Guzman gets enough props for all that he does. I watched PTT again last night and he seems to follow in the grand tradition of such rippers as Tim Brauch and John Cardiel.

4. Billy Marks - Brain Wash

I'm a fan of Billy. Brain Wash is a nice video. The Dischord heavy soundtrack works well and you get another full part from Leo Romero.

3. Daryl Angel - Origin

I'd never heard the band Beach Fossils before and I really liked the two songs they had in the new Habitat video. Since Daryl skated to one of their songs and the other was for the opening montage, his part makes my list. I think Origin might be my favorite video of the year. The ten year anniversary section was cool, too. It could have used some Mr. Dibbs and RJD2 for the complete Habitat time machine effect, but that's trivial.

2. Dylan Rieder - Gravis promo

When's the Javier Mendizabal film coming out?

1. Brandon Westgate - Stay Gold

I think Andrew Reynolds said something to the effect of anytime they go to a spot and Brandon is trying to figure out what trick to do, he usually just opts to ollie the whole damn spot. This approach generated some very eye pleasing and gnarly skating in Emerica's epic video.


Incidentally, there was an eS ad of Tom in the same issue doing a switch crooked grind. It looked like he was wearing the same clothes for both photos. This is back when Flip first came to the states and Penny was blazing a stoned path of destruction on America's finest skate spots.

Transworld - September 1996 Volume 14 Number 9

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