Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Josh Kalis #2.

There's some vintage footage of Josh on the Already Been Done website.

Even though the DC team was small compared to Airwalk or Vans, a lot of pros wore their shoes. Most of the guys in Alien Workshop's Timecode are wearing DC's. Jason Dill had a ridiculous amount of coverage in their gear during the end of the 1990s. Why he wasn't ever put on the team is beyond me. Pat Duffy probably should have been on the team, too. It would have been better than Recs or Pyro or one of those fly by night shoe companies that he did ride for.

Stevie Williams is on Supra now. I was kind of hoping he would be back on DC. It's honestly hard for me to think of Stevie and not think of DC.

The photo is by Paul "Skin" Phillips.

Slap - May 1998 Volume 7 Number 5


Lucas said...

And then there were the dudes who got DC flow but knew they would never get on the team. Those dudes rode for Kastel—or, as Pat Canale used to call it, KastelSHOECOUSA.

And yeah, it's funny to think of Dill wearing sweatpants and big DC t-shirts. But he did.

Old School Sammy said...

Stevie on Supra isn't a stretch, but yeah, I always remember him as a DC guy...much like Josh K.

Anonymous said...

Stevie on Supra seems about right to me, because I always have a vision in my head of Stevie skating in shoes that are ridiculously loose due to him not tying the laces, and the tongue being super huge and puffed out. With some people and their skate shoes it's always fashion over function.

With all these hevy-hitters on the team, Supra must be raking in the money.

--Rikku Markka

justin said...

I think Supra makes a lot of their money from the sneaker collectors and not so much skateboarding. That might be how they can afford the team they have.

For as ungainly as their sky high moon boot thingees are, most of their skate shoes veer toward a very plain low top these days. It's an unusual contrast for a product line that seems to focus on two different groups - Baker/Deathwish fans and shoe collectors - without much overlap between the two.

I remember some of the early Supra models looked decent and reminded me of early 1990s Etnies.

Old School Sammy said...

Supra makes a couple of nice looking shoes, but those Muska/Greco spaceboots just look dopey to me.

Maybe if I wanted to jump out of a plane, I might feel differently.

smorales said...

kalis loved those lynx. I bet he still has a stockpile.

justin said...

I just looked over the Supra website since there is beyond nothing going on at work right now.

Most of the super high tops have a Vulcanized sole, which seems to be an odd material choice. Most of their shoes seem flimsy, except for the Eric Ellington and the Lizard King. Ellington is going for Lakai circa 2000, which I don't think looks all that bad.

Anonymous said...

lakai around 2000 was poorly executed, i would say hes going more for mid 90s freshness than that. i8ts a good look if you ask me.