Monday, January 17, 2011

Drake Jones #4.

I'm still sticking with my favorites from 1996 for one more day. Is Drake skating in boots?

Brandon Westgate's new part for Emerica is pretty damn good.

Thrasher - December 1996 Volume 16 Number 12


Lucas said...

He's definitely skating in boots—Timberlands, I think. Pepe had a sequence wearing them, too. Oh, the things that will never happen in skating again.

Keith said...

Drake Jones looks proper in that photo. What's he doing? hf or some sort of variation of? CBI posted this in 08 and chops thinks it's a 360 flip. I have a feeling it's not. Something to do with the feet and the position of the board not quite right for a 360 flip.

Justin said...

I'm not sure. The foot position says regular kickflip, but the board clearly is not right for that. I would say it is possibly a frontside varial heelflip.

Here's a crazy idea. Could it be a switch frontside flip? Drake is regular and if you check out the sequence - - the body position is roughly the same. The board doesn't seem in the right spot.

The boots probably make a big difference in how the trick is done.