Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Consolidated Can Opener.

Bill Pepper: Do you feel like commenting on the Consolidated ad that came out?

Chad Muska: I heard about it, but I could care less, to you the truth.

Bill Pepper: Does your watch help you with the wheels of steel?

Chad Muska: It gives me the proper weight on the left-hand side so I can scratch properly.


Consolidated makes a funny and the Muska is unphased by the whole thing.

Note: Diakka was started by Steve Black, Rune Glifberg, Chad Muska and Clyde Singleton with another investment partner. According to issue 45 of Big Brother where they did the watch reviews, that investment partner took money from the company. This was the end of Diakka.

For the quotes: Big Brother February 1999 Issue 45

Slap - November 1998 Volume 7 Number 11


Keith said...


I've never seen this one before.

Anonymous said...

Shit talking between companies always intersted me. I like it when people get called out on their shit. One of the more truthful quotes ever from Big Brother was from Pat Canale, who said, "No one wants to see people getting along; they wanna see people fighting with each other." That was in reference to his "beef" with Ty Evans, who didn't like that Pat dissed his videos.

My favorite inter-company squabbling was Bootleg and Baker. Bootleg ads always shit-talking at the bottom in small print, but it was hilarious. Too bad Scott Kane disappeared. That guy ripped.

--Rikku Markka

justin said...

I thinks it's awesome how skateboard companies will talk shit using ads. Nobody else, besides maybe record labels, will do that. Could you image Ford and Chrysler going at it like Foundation and World Industries did?

I almost couldn't find this ad. I scanned the Muska one first and then figured it would be in the next issue of Thrasher. It wasn't. I checked Big Brother and even Transworld. I was starting to think it ran in some other weird magazine since they did have it in the Big Brother watch review issue. Then I finally found it in Slap. I wonder if some politicking went on between Thrasher and Consolidated?

I've thought about doing beef week and highlighting some infamous disputes between pros. I've more or less decided against it because everybody says dumb shit when they are younger, just your dumb shit didn't happen to get published in an internationally distributed magazine and then scanned on the internet fifteen years later.

Anonymous said...

I did see a shit-talking ad yesterday for Heineken. It said, "Our can doesn't doesn't change colors to tell you when it's cold; you have hands. And it doesn't have a wider mouth or a vortex neck; you know how to take a drink." The tagline is, "No gimmicks. Just perfection."

That's taking shots at Coors Light and their silly color-changing beer cans and Miller Light's twisty vortex necks, which supposedly pour beer easier.

And the ad is on point. Have you ever been bummed because you didn't know immediately when you picked up a beer it wasn't cold enough? Or that when drinking you wished there was a way to get more beer out of each sip?

--Rikku Markka

justin said...

I totally forgot about beer companies. They are totally willing to go all out. That makes me like Heineken even more.

I realized that I only read skateboard magazines and Art Forum so I don't ads outside of those places.

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