Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keith Hufnagel #6.

It probably doesn't matter all that much at this point, but here's my two cents on Real's Since Day One video. Basically, all the hype and positive reviews you've already read are valid. The skateboarding is all top notch and the company did a great job as a whole with everything - filming, editing and music. It reminded me of an old Powell Peralta video in a way.

I'm not going to critique every part and only mention a few things that caught my attention after a couple of viewings.

James Hardy - Molly Hatchet? Seriously? I have a higher than expected tolerance for classic rock, but that song is bad. James, I'm sorry if you really like the band or something. I'll buy one of your t-shirts or boards to make it up to you. The frontside 180 the hard way to fakie 50-50 down the Clipper Ledge is an amazing trick.

Jake Donnelly - This kid is from a small town about a half hour away from where I live. He would come skate the local park in my town every so often a few years ago. He was good then and it's cool to see how much he has progressed.

Alex Perelson - I totally Vert Buttoned his part. NOT. Alex is Chris Miller approved as we learn in the newest Chrome Ball interview at Already Been Done. He has a good mix of stylish airs and technical lip tricks from the Danny Way and Colin McKay school of vert skating.

Ernie Torres and Nick Dompierre - Normally when you see a shared part in a video, you know not to expect much. Usually it means somebody got hurt or all their footage went to another sponsor's video. Not this time. Chilling pros need to beware because Ernie and Nick raise the bar for what can be done in a shared part with relentless destruction from both. I'm fully backing Ernie. The dude rips and doesn't seem to get a lot of credit.

Keith Hufnagel - Huf has my favorite part in the video.

J.T. Aultz - Since I've been posting a lot of stuff from 1998 on Vert Is Dead, I feel like I need to use a phrase from that year to describe his part: J.T. is trying out for the Zero video. Throw in some classic Egg Hunt and you've got a part worthy of any Jamie Thomas production. J.T. is another guy who probably doesn't get all the credit he deserves.

Max Schaaf - I forgot he ollies out of his Smith grinds. His section is short and sweet. He even makes fun of the Vert Button, which will never be used on any of his parts.

Peter Ramondetta and Dennis Busenitz close out the video. Do I even need to say how good they are? Everybody knows this already.

As for anybody I didn't mention, don't feel offended or left out. Your part was really good. Nothing about Since Day One sucks.

Is Brian Eno going to be this year's David Bowie for skateboard video soundtracks?

Slap - August 1998 Volume 7 Number 8


"BP gets it" said...

I haven't seen this video yet. I guess b/s and f/s 180ing the hard way (is there another name for that, I don't know) into tricks is more common now, everyone's seeing the possibility of what Gonz did. When I saw Video Days years ago I was thinking of the possibilities, and always wanted to do a backside flip the hard way over a rail and land into a switch 50-50. Instead of a kickflip b/s lip, land into a switch grind down a rail. Fuck it, maybe we'll see that, or it's been done, or I'll do it.

Justin said...

I think the "hard way" term came from a Scott Johnston ad for Mad Circle where he did a frontside 180 to nose grind at Brown Marble. He approached the trick from the opposite direction. Of course Gonz had probably done it already, but since he was so far ahead of everybody else, it took a couple years or decades to catch up.