Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Luis Cruz.

If you had guessed obscure World Industries related riders and companies as a theme for this week, then you know something I don't. I think this might be the most random week ever on Vert Is Dead, which is saying something. I think it also reflects the variety of things that were going on in skateboarding in 1998.

Shaolin was a very short lived company done in part by former Alva and World Industries pro Jeff Hartsell. Luis rode for Society Skateboards before Shaolin. He also rode for Deca and Artifact.

Chris Ortiz took the photo.

Slap - August 1998 Volume 7 Number 8


Keith said...


I had a Shaolin board around that time. I wasn't skating a lot but it was a great deck! Perfect shape, pop, concave, kick. One of my favourites ever.

Skately said...

Sick ad! Luis is amazing, one of the funniest guys you'll meet.