Friday, June 3, 2011

Julien Stanger #12.

Unlike 97% of the comments left on the internet, this was one I saw and thought was worth saving. It was posted somewhere on the Thrasher website on February 22, 2008 by a user named Milk Toast Redux:

I have never ridden an Anti-Hero board, and never will. Those planks intimidate me just hanging on the wall of a skateshop.

I am not worthy. Just can't justify using one of their boards to do slappys on curbs and little speed ollies off of cracks in the sidewalk.

Those bitches demand large doses of gnar and a pint of blood. I would feel like such a pussy and a phony rocking their shit.

I've seen hardcore mofo's like Stranger and Cardiel in person, and it is like they are from another planet. PRESENCE. People with that kind of commitment have an aura of authenticity that makes me sadly aware of my timid middling existence.

This presence thing doesn't come through when watching these dudes in a video. When you are in their general vicinity, all that you are aware of is them. Can't really articulate it in words, but some of y'all might know what I'm talking about.

These guys scare the fuck out of me, the same way wild predatory animals do, and that is what I cherish about them.

Thrasher - January 1998 Volume 18 Number 1


Anonymous said...

that's a really cool comment . it musta been insane watching a session with Jullien and Cardiel ripping.

Shrewgy said...

Great words.