Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rob Gonzalez.

When I saw Ricky Oyola on Chrome Ball, I figured to go with a little more New Deal. After having a well established pro team in the first half of the 1990s, changes were made at the New Deal in the later part of the decade. The pro team was cut and a new group of amateurs were sponsored. Of course when you have a team of all ams, eventually some of them are going to get to the skill level of being professional and they are turned pro. Rob was part of the second wave of the New Deal, which also included Oyola, Chad Bartie, Lincoln Ueda, Ryan Johnson and Kenny Reed.

After the Deal was really dead, Rob rode for Popwar and Listen. Listen recently turned into BLVD Skateboards. He's also on LRG and has a part in the Give Me Money Chico video from last year.

Transworld - February 1998 Volume 16 Number 2

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Skately said...

Hell yeah, Rob G. is sick! Always dug how he winds in his arms and then explodes his nollies.

Took a trip to SF with him and a few friends in a borrowed van and ended up denting the passenger door. I was super bummed because the van was my responsibility, but Rob ran into a restaurant, came out with a plunger and proceeded to pull the dent out with it. I was amazed and still owe him big time for that, dude saved my ass.