Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Royce Nelson.

Salba says this about Royce:

Quote: "Go big and fast and hope you all survive."

Royce is the quiet, good natured school boy on the outside, but a little ol' devil on the inside. Mr. Nelson has been known on occasion to internally combust into a demon possessed when assaulting coping. Riding padless (at least every time I've seen him), he scrapes the metal off his trucks for long periods of time (five to six block stand up grinds), blasts big (three to four feet) backside airs and Jack-Be-Nimble ollies to tailslides on command. Tall, mean and lean, Royce always boasts of walking and talking softly buy carrying a big stick. Like John Swope, Royce is fearless.

Earthquakes have been very, very good to Royce as well as big fires. Loads of road trips have provided Royce with valuable concrete commando tactics and tips, which have led me to believe that Mr. Nelson is part leopard. He has this spring and prowess that is not seen in most of his contemporaries, plus he always lands on his feet. He also has this pump that only about twelve people I know of have. And Royce knows - it's all in the pump. For those who know, you too can attest that Mr. Nelson is one crazy son-uv-a-beech...

Tools of the trade: Think Big Boy Board, Indys, Spitfires.

Weaponry and Tactics: Fat airs, ollies to front truck grinds, fast speed lines with tricks thrown here and there make Royce a pick for the pool all-star team.

For the quote: Thrasher - June 1996 Volume 16 Number 6

Thrasher - February 1998 Volume 18 Number 2


smorales said...

hesh week?

justin said...

It sure looks that way. I don't see Thursday or Friday tipping the scale to fresh either.

Royce was a request. It was actually for any late 80s/early 90s stuff of him, but then I found this Indy ad and figured it can't hurt.

max schaaf said...

i still skate with royce. he's too good. learns it all fast and goes fast. royce rips.

davoud said...

check out page 53 here for old a rad royce photo. i heard he has a super good shot in the new thrasher too from the same era.

and what max said is spot on.

justin said...

Thanks for the link, Max.

Yes, there is a ridiculous photo of Royce blasting an air in a pool in the Thrasher with Figgy on the cover.

Shrewgy said...

Royce is one of the first few dudes I saw that could make a backyard pool look like a perfect skatepark bowl. Class of his own.