Friday, June 8, 2012

Ed Templeton #13.

Token street skater.

That's a joke. This is what videos used to be like back in the day. A whole bunch of vert and a couple of street parts. The term vert button was coined at the time because you would fast forward to get to the street skating. It's not the fault of the vert skaters, the fact of the matter was that more people had a driveway and a launch ramp than they did a giant halfpipe. These days I'm far more likely to skip a street part to get to the vert part.

RVCA was started in the early 2000s by Jimmy Arrighi. The original pro team included Ed, Cairo Foster and Ethan Fowler. The ams were Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jose Rojo, Tony Silva, Bryan Herman and Josh Harmony. Recently Arrighi started Eswic and about half the team went with him. RCVA went for the artier side of things and I liked that about the company. They were publishing a cool quarterly magazine spotlighting various artists, galleries, bands, and record labels. An issue shows up in my mailbox every so often, even after I thought the mag was over. With Ed leaving RVCA, I'm thinking the magazine is probably done. I guess they also sponsor people outside of skateboarding, such as mixed martial arts fighters. I try not to think about that since I still dig some of their t-shirts.

Transworld - January 2003 Volume 21 Number 1

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