Friday, June 22, 2012

Kenny Reed.


Popwar was around from 2003 to 2005. They were backed by Giant Distribution and started after the New Deal finally came to an end. Grant "Yogi" Proctor was responsible for the visual side of things. He gave the company a clean and bold graphic image. The team included Cairo Foster, Kenny Reed, Rob Gonzales, Chad Tim Tim, Raymond Molinar and a couple of others. Cairo left Real without any bodily harm to be a part of Popwar. Rob, Kenny, and Chad had been riding for New Deal and were added to the new project. After it was over, Cairo went to enjoi, Chad to Element, Rob began Listen with Danny Montoya and Kenny wandered about the planet.

Transworld - December 2003 Volume 21 Number 12


Keith said...

Never really got into popwar or any Giant company after Mad Circle went under. Their team was pretty good though!

Kenny Reed used to ride for a Canadian board company called Cherry Bombs. McCrank was pro for them before he went back to being am for a real USA company.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked Kenny Reed and his skateboarding. I really like that he takes the initiative to travel everywhere and anywhere, and not because there are spots to skate but moreso just to see something new and different. I would love to see the stamps on his passport to see all the places he's been. How many passports do you think he's gone through since he's traveled so much?

--Rikku Markka