Monday, June 4, 2012

Steve Alba #2.

Roll forever.

The photo on the left was taken in 1988 or 1989 at the original Pipeline Skatepark in Upland, California. That park was demolished in 1989. A new version of it was built in 2002, which is where the photo on the right was taken. You could take Salba out today and still get the same picture, twenty years after the first and ten years after the second.

Thrasher - April 2003 Volume 23 Number 4


heavymetalchuck said...

i remember seeing Salba killing the OG Pipeline when i was 14-15 and just thinking he was the best and made me want to ride bullet 66s

Justin said...

I can't even imagine how burly that place was and seeing the locals destroy it.

Skate Nazi said...

Stretching and calisthenics will have that effect on you.
Only Salba could do push ups and jumping jacks on the deck of a pool wearing cheetah print and get away with it.