Friday, June 1, 2012

Michael Sieben.

Programed From India.

Michael does art and writes stories for Thrasher. I'm glad that there are people like him involved in skateboarding to keep things from getting too serious. He works with Stacy Lowery to run Roger Skateboards, one of the best companies going these days.

I wonder were Dittmeyer sleeps now that Sieben's got a kid?

The photos are by Lee Brooks.

Thrasher - June 2003 Volume 23 Number 6

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Anonymous said...

I know it's gonna be an exceptionally good issue of Thrasher if it has a Sieben spread as well as some sort of tour article or interview by Michael Burnett. Sieben always makes me laugh, and Burnett has a way of making the article not about the skating while on tour, but the banal minutiae of a tour itself. Also, he gets good dirt on his interview subjects.

--Rikku Markka