Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nate Broussard.

Wizards of Radical.

Back in the day Nate rode for Toy Machine, Planet Earth Clothing and Adio. These days he is pro for Roger and gets his kicks from Huf.

Yeah, I'm a little surprised I picked an Adio ad, too.

Adio was started up in the late 1990s by Planet Earth with help from K2. The original team included Steve Berra, Tony Hawk, Kris Markovich, Jamie Thomas, and Jeremy Wray. The company caught on fairly quickly and soon expanded to include Kenny Anderson, Bam Margera, Danny Montoya, and Brian Sumner, to name a few. They were around for most of the decade and fizzled out in the last two years. Their notable contribution to the skateboard video library was the One Step Beyond video that featured parts from some of the skateboarders I just mentioned.

Anybody else still think Gary Scott Davis instead of Go Skateboarding Day when they see the initials GSD?

Note: Nate's got a smoke in his mouth. How'd that get by the fun police at Transworld?

Jeff Taylor snapped the photo.

Transworld - October 2003 Volume 21 Number 10


fred gall said...

nate's the best

Anonymous said...

abf ska8 shop represent

Keith said...

Smoking while skating seems so corny to me.

Call me square but I don't know why anyone would smoke cigarettes in general...

Skately said...

I remember the ASR trade show right after K2 bought Adio, Consolidated made FUCK2 stickers and plastered the entire show with them. I peeled one off and kept it.

justin said...

Cause smoking is cool, duh.

Just kidding.

This is when TWS was being very liberal with their use of the black censor box. It's also from about the time most of the staff broke off to start the Skateboard Mag. I was surprised they didn't cover up the cig.

I see the appeal of smoking and I'm so glad I have never tried. It's nice that bars in NY are smoke free. Some friends had a basement show a couple months ago. To reduce the bust factor, they kept the crowd very limited and let people smoke inside. Talk about nasty black snot that was a combo of smoke and basement dirt.

I remember Consolidated's campaign against K2.

mb said...

I don't need to be told what day to go skating, I often deliberately don't on that day and besides, it was raining in Devon. I too still only think of GSD being Garry Davis. Nice guy, he sent me some cd's and stickers once.