Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jason Dill #6.

The way we get by.

In 2003, Habitat released Mosaic, their first video. It had an Alien Workshop section that featured a shared part from Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart to go with full parts from Anthony Pappalardo and Jason Dill. The rest of the team had a couple of tricks each in the section. Pops and Dill delivered some solid skateboarding. Dill's bit was full of lots of lines with plenty of pushing as an ode to the Tim & Henry's Pack Of Lies days. This was in response to how a lot of videos had become a skater rolling up to a rail, doing the trick, and cutting to the next trick after the landing.

The photography is by Mike O'Meally.

Transworld - March 2003 Volume 21 Number 3


Keith said...


Lines >>>> Hammers

Skate Nazi said...

Yeah Dill sure has come along way from the little kid Blockhead/ A1 Meats days, and by that I mean he's kind of a tool nowadays but his part in Mosiac is ALL lines if I'm not mistaken and it's one of my favorite parts of the 2000's

Anonymous said...

It's all lines for sure. There's an interview where he talks about it.