Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alan Rushbrooke.

Unabomber was founded by Pete Hellicar, Jon Robson, and Harry Bastard in 1997. Why they picked the name that was applied to mail bomber Ted Kaczynski is beyond me. The company looks to still be around, focusing a little more on clothing than boards. I don't know much about Alan, other than watching a couple of video clips with him today on the Sidewalk website.

Bummer about Skateboarder.

I'm backing the opinion of Gary Rogers on skateboard footwear. I should just see if somebody wants to do a collab of a boat shoe with weed leaf graphics on it so I'd never have to go to the day job again. Those have to be two of the worst trends in skateboarding right now.

Sidewalk Surfer - January/February 1998 Issue 23

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Paul said...

Harry Bastard is the best name, I've ever heard of!