Monday, August 5, 2013


Welcome to "our" world.

Krooked was started in 2002 and backed by Deluxe. Mark Gonzales had been riding for Real before being given the keys to a new project. He was the only rider in the beginning. Dan Drehobl soon switched from Think. Bobby Worrest and the late Van Wastell were the ams and later turned pro for Krooked. Mark also released assorted limited edition "Gest" boards for skaters that he liked. The first two went to Alex Gall and Matt Rodriguez.

This is either the first or second catalog for the brand. There's also a small catalog that is die cut in the shape of the face that appears on the last page that came out around the same time. I'm thinking the die cut one was probably the first.

So anybody do anything crazy with a helicopter during my week off?


Anonymous said...

I'm so stoked on Krooked (currently riding a Krooked), and so glad it's a brand that is still going strong. I love the loose vibe they give off, which is just simple skateboarding, and having fun while doing it. I still quote the Drehobl/Gonz pivot conversation from Krooked Khronicles:

Drehobl: "You're doin' 'em all wrong. You're way out here."
Gonz: "No! I'm on top, I do my pivots the correct way!"

I watch Krooked videos and I come away smiling, wanting to go skate and have fun and goof around.

--Rikku Markka

P.S. Crazy to think Lutzka was nearly a part of this team.

Justin said...

I agree. I've been watching them again lately, in part to get ready for this week's posts. Gonz's part in Krooked Khronicles is underrated. I like what Mike Anderson is doing.

The Lutzka ad is on here somewhere. It sort of made sense at the time.

Keith said...

Lutzka was crazy good when he first blew up and was on Illenium. Was impressed when I saw him at a Slam contest. He just seemed like a skate rat. None of this current kookiness.

I'm happy for Gonz that he's found a company to own that he's happy with. Actually a bit surprised it has lasted 11+ years. Blind, ATM Click, 60/40... the latter 2 seemed to only be around with him as the guy for a year or two. In the grand scheme of things, Blind era Gonz only lasted a few years.

stephen said...

"better get your ass back to school" -gonz. haha i love that pivot convo