Thursday, August 15, 2013

Origin #2.

"My favorite Origin ad was the one where Justin Reynolds was praying, "Please, God, let me save skateboarding." I saw that shit and was like, "That's just like that time I was on acid and climbed up on to the roof of a burning house and had to swing down to a windowsill to save a baby, but the house was actually a merry-go-round in the park, and the burning baby was a half-empty beer I left on the sliding board." That's why Origin is the best: It just makes you thirsty. For beer. And skateboarding." - Chris Nieratko

A little more Origin for the week.

Brad Hayes also rode for Acme and had parts in the early Baker videos. Justin Reynolds rode for a ton of companies over the years and now runs Riviera Skateboards. Ron Whaley was on SMA and Santa Cruz for most of the 1990s and is back with the Dot currently.

How did Chops do all those multi-scan posts? After tomorrow, it is back to doing one a day for the foreseeable future.

One photo is by Rowland.

Brad Hayes #2: Big Brother - August 2003 Number 99

Justin Reynolds: Big Brother - October 2003 Number 101

Steve Kindle: Big Brother - January 2004 Issue 104

Ron Whaley #4 and Product Review: Big Brother - March 2004 Issue 106

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