Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Driven #2.

More of Jason Jessee's world.

One of the projects that Jason helped produce was Dave Carnie's Whale Cock Skateboards. I believe Dave came up with the phrase whale cock while being interviewed by a Japanese fashion magazine and decided to get some boards made. The first Whale Cock deck was a small freestyle/slalom board and made on a tour of Media Skateboards, of all places. This was the initial ad for the company.

There's a really good chance there will be a Vert Is Dead update tomorrow. If not don't worry, I'll be back on Thursday.

One: Big Brother - January 2003 Issue 92

Two: Big Brother - February 2003 Issue 93

Three: Big Brother - May 2003 Issue 96

Whale Cock: Big Brother - November 2002 Issue 90

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