Friday, August 23, 2013

Danny Wainwright.

Big ups.

The Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge happened at the Long Beach trade show in February 2000. The event was sponsored by Element. They had a 33" jersey barrier and then added more height in 1" increments. The final battle came down to Danny and Reese. Neither could clear 45" so they bumped the height down to 44 1/2". Reese didn't make it and Danny did.

The results:

Danny Wainwright 44 1/2"
Reese Forbes 44"
Rob Gonzalez 41"
Stacy Lowery 41"
Jake Stewart 40"
Brian Young 39"

Zilch for the next two weeks. It's going to be nine days of Zero starting on Monday since they have a new video out soon.

Ride in peace, Phil Shao.

Sidewalk Surfer - August 2000 Issue 49


Anonymous said...

jesus.... that's monstrous. they should hold this annually

the glass knife said...

don't forget about Joe Pino who came in late. Wasn't allowed to enter and took off his shoes and ollied it. Pretty sure he would have took it, but we may never know.