Monday, January 13, 2014

Alex Olson.

New blood for a new year.

I was figuring out what I wanted to do next with this website because I was getting a little bored of the older stuff. I came up with a list of newer pro and ams skaters and somewhat arbitrarily picked 2007 as the starting point. I found a good portion of what I was looking for along with some other interesting things. I'm one of those people who likes skateboarding today and I'm not going to claim that one previous era was the best. Every time has its pluses and minuses. That doesn't make it necessarily better or worse, just different.

I do keep up with the new ams and pros, not as much as I used to because there is seriously too much to take in. I tend to give new ams a little time before I start to pay attention to them, just to make sure they aren't some random who will disappear after a year. Skateboarding has had too many of those. The weeks ahead are going to be a mix of the new breed along with familiar faces that have kept at it all these years.

Alex Olson is the son of OG Steve Olson, making them the first father/son combo to have pro model boards. Alex was getting flowed by Toy Machine before riding for Girl. He turned pro for Girl and recently left them to start his own company. He has had parts in Lakai's Fully Flared and Girl's Pretty Sweet. Alex's feet have been in Lakai, Vans, and Nike. He's into photography as well as disco and techno. He has a Tumblr where he answers questions from the kids. I think that's cool he takes the time to do that. I do wish he would work on his spelling a little bit in his answers.

Note: For the guy who requested him, Aaron Murray was on the list. You're just going to have wait a little while before I track down an ad. Sorry.

Thrasher - September 2007 Volume 27 Number 9

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