Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Austyn Gillette.

Suffering Season.

Austyn turned pro for Habitat in 2011. He was also on Habitat Footwear. He switched to Brian Anderson's new 3D venture last summer. Austyn recently decided he wanted to put his feet in shoes made by Huf. He is also sponsored by Official Hats, Liberty Board Shop, Bones Bearings, and Small Wheels. The Huf website lists his interests as starting a band, wall scaling, and sober karaoke.

I like how this guy skates. He puts together lots of lines with tricks that might not be the most complicated things ever, but it all looks so good. You'll get a lot of 180 tricks done the hard way into a 50-50 or a frontside flip carving on a bank. You will see him push in a video part and get a better sense of how he skates instead of the standard ollie, land on the rail, survive the rail, and roll onto the lawn before the filmer palms the camera.

Thrasher - June 2007 Volume 27 Number 6


Justin said...

Tha Tap Top 5's:

Anonymous said...

He also switched from Royal Trucks to Thunder fairly recently. I read an interview where he felt compelled to do multiple sponsor switchups all at once.

Justin said...

I was wondering about that. Didn't he have a kickflip blast shot at a different angle for a Royal ad within the last year or so?