Monday, January 20, 2014

Ben Raybourn.


If you are obsessed with 1980s vert skating, then Ben is the new pro for you. He is from Rosenberg, Texas and was sponsored early on by 1031. He rode for Slave up until the end of 2012 when he switched to Birdhouse. Ben was on iPath and is now on Nike. The first video he ever saw was the Vision Skate Escape. He crushes all manor of transitions with a vintage selection of tricks. It's not a retro or a throwback or old school thing, it's timeless good skateboarding.

The photo is by Brahm Goodis.

Thrasher - November 2007 Volume 27 Number 11


Justin said...

Ben in the Raybourn Identity:

Anonymous said...

His first sponsor was Falcon skates.

stephen said...

Love this dude