Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dennis Busenitz & Mark Gonzales.

Gonz and Boozenittz attak the wal at the Autum bowl.

Adidas has always been a popular brand with skateboarders, particularly in the early 1990s with the EMB crew. The shoe with three stripes made a few efforts to get into the skateboard footwear business, but it wasn't until 2006 or so when everything finally clicked. Interestingly Mark Gonzales has been sponsored by Adidas the whole time. Their late 1990s team included Lance Mountain, Quim Cardona, Paulo Diaz, and Jahmal Williams. Josh Kalis was even on the team at one point. The revamped team featured Tim O'Connor and Dennis Busenitz. Later Lucas Puig, Pete Eldridge, and Silas Baxter-Neal, Mark Suciu and a few more were added. As far as big time shoe companies go, Adidas doesn't bother me the way that Nike does. They seem a little more down to earth in their approach to skateboarding.

It looks like Anti-Hero is making an updated version of Julien Stranger's syringe airplane board.

Thrasher - March 2007 Volume 27 Number 3


Anonymous said...

Will Harmon is on the team

Justin said...

Thanks, Will.