Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mark "Fos" Foster.


Fos is the man who created Heroin Skateboards. He's from London. Heroin has been around since 1998 and a couple of years ago partnered with Bakerboys Distribution. The team features Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Gou Miyagi, Chopper, and Deerman of the Dark Woods, along with a few others. One thing that makes Heroin stand out are the twisted Madball-esque graphics that Fos designs. I've had a couple of their boards and been very happy with them. I maybe need to work on the list of things I like because between some of the weird noise bands and saying I like Heroin, it doesn't sound too good out of context.

Altamont is Andrew Reynold's clothing company that is backed by Sole Technology, the makers of Emerica and Etnies. They go for a more well thought out arty approach to their clothes and have done a variety of collaborations with photographers, bands, and artists. Richard Kern, the estate of Jimi Hendrix, Patrick O'Dell, No Age, Abby Portner, Andres Serrano, Pushead, and GWAR are some of the many artists and musicians they have worked with. The team is currently Reynolds, Neen Williams, Bryan Herman, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Kenny Hoyle, and Jon Dickson.

Thrasher - December 2007 Volume 27 Number 12

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Keith said...

Herion has been a board company since 98!? That's 15 years. I didn't even hear of them until they started getting distributed by Baker. Or maybe when deerman got a model, not sure which came first.