Friday, January 17, 2014

Brandon Westgate.


Brandon is from Wareham, Massachusetts. He rode for 5Boro and Birdhouse prior to Zoo York. He's been on Emerica for awhile and had the opening part in their Stay Gold video from 2010. He had the closing part in their recent Made video, which landed him on the shortlist of candidates for Thrasher's 2013 SOTY award. Brandon also rides for Venture. The guy just goes around blasting ollies over everything. He's got the classic street style approach of doing fewer tricks better that all us jaded grumps adore. Julien Stranger and Donny Barley come to mind. Plus Brandon seems like a level headed and responsible person, which is always good to see in today's crazy world.

I know we live in the internet age and nobody reads anything any more, but why are the Checkouts in Transworld exactly one sentence long now?

Skateboarder - May 2007 Volume 16 Number 9

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Keith said...

Love the Emerica B side clips. I like them better than the actual video. Wish more companies would release them.