Monday, February 2, 2015

Alex Olson #2.

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The next month is going to be a haphazard look back at 2010. I figure five years is a good amount of time to let pass before revisiting a particular year. I want to keep things fresh by adding newer stuff into the mix on this site.

Alex was riding for Girl and Vans in 2010. He was filming for Pretty Sweet and this straight up picnic table blast was in that video. Alex left Vans for Nike at some point between then and now. When Brian Anderson decided to leave Girl to begin 3D, Alex went along. However, Alex didn't feel like 3D was going to be the right place for him so he started Bianca Chandôn. The company right now specializes in limited edition products that reflect what Alex is into. I like what he is doing. It's cool to see somebody putting effort into things to be different from what everyone else.

Note: Alex is wearing Kevin Long's Bros shirt.

Thrasher - December 2010 Volume 30 Number 12


White Ninja said...

I must leave a comment. just for the fact that this is Alex. This "kid" has style , is original, doing his custom fit company.How can every true skateboarder not at least appreciate him? I also love the fact that he is realistic, and puts his Nike money back into skateboarding.

Justin said...

I agree. I do wish he would work on his spelling when he answers questions from the kids on Tumblr, but that's trivial. He's got a good thing going.