Friday, February 6, 2015

Gilbert Crockett #2.


That's a switch kickflip.

Gilbert rode for Mystery and Fallen until he was abducted by the Alien Workshop. After the saucer broke up and crashed into the New Mexico desert, there's been a whole lot of speculation as to what is happening to the riders.

Some of the Alien team relocated to Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen's Fucking Awesome. That project has a new spinoff called Hockey, much like how Girl and Chocolate formed a long time ago. This includes former Workshoppers Dylan Rieder and Kevin Terpening. Eventually John Fitzgerald joined the party as well.

Joe Castrucci's Habitat found a new home over at Tum Yeto. Grant Taylor kept it simple and bounced for Anti-Hero. Has there been any word on who Omar Salazar is riding for?

The rumor is Alien Workshop will be starting up again with a new team and also under Tum Yeto distribution. I could see that happening, but at the same time Tod Swank is a businessman who knows better than to spread his finances too thin and adding a fourth board company might not be the best plan in these curious days.

There is further talk that Gilbert is riding for a new company called Mother that has Tyler Bledsoe and Jake Johnson on the team with Chris Carter handling the management.

In other Gilbert news, he recently earned a pro model from Vans. He should have a part in their new video, whenever they get around to finishing the thing.

Eric "Rodent" Cheslak was the photographer.

Transworld - January 2010 Volume 28 Number 1


Anonymous said...

Alien Workshop is for sure coming back with Mike Hill on Tumyeto. Noone from the old teams is still on. There are product sheets out there already.

Mother is Alien's old TM and the remaining riders for the previous alien incarnation that havent found new homes. jake, gilbert, bledsoe, and omar if he doesn't turn doomsayers into a board brand.

Anonymous said...

and carter isn't linked to either

Justin said...

Thanks for the info. I was going by what was on Boil The Ocean and filtering the Slap boards with a little common sense. I see that there is an Alien Page up on the Tum Yeto website now.

Dan said...

Hopefully we'll see Memory Screen II