Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bobby Worrest #3.

Pulaski Local.

Bobby has been riding for Krooked since roughly the beginning of the company. He turned pro for them in 2006. He recently picked up Nike as a footwear sponsor after éS ended a couple of years ago. Bobby released a video part in the spring of 2014 that was filmed entirely at Pulaski Park in Washington, DC. This is an impressive feat since Pulaski is a notorious bust. I like video parts that are filmed in one location. You get a sense of how a local knows every inch of their home turf.

I noticed the ad says that Bobby is wearing Thiebaud pants. Did they name a pair of trousers after Jim? Happy belated birthday to one of the best guys in skateboarding.

Is éS back or are they just doing limited edition short runs of shoes? I thought I saw Tom Asta had a sticker on his board recently for them.

Transworld - April 2010 Volume 28 Number 4


Justin said...

Hometown Turf Killer:

nonickname said...

not sure on the status of es but while in a shop the other week seeing some accels dropped some serious nostalgia on me. if they had the brown/gum colourway I wouldn't have walked out with just bolts and a shop sticker.

Sean said...

The Thiebaud pants were probably a skate nerd pun on the Girbaud pants that were big in 90s hip hop culture.

White Ninja said...

can someone tell my why bobby is not a huge skateboard star? am i biased to the east cost riders? he should be a house hold name. so impressive. it seems majority of east coast riders are pro's " favorite skateboarder" but never get the cash they rightfully deserve. I mean the list is endless...
i could easily name 20 off top of my head,not counting gino either.