Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mark Suciu.

Junk Bond Trader.

Mark is from Saratoga, California. He currently is living in Philadelphia and attending college while being a pro for Habitat. He also rides Adidas, RVCA, SML Wheels, and Thunder. Phillie seems to be an appropriate city for him since his skating is a progression of what was happening in Alien Workshop's Photosynthesis video. His big break out moment was the part he released with Thrasher for Atlas Skateshop in 2012. Mark traveled across the country and hit up a bunch of spots. He does technical tricks with a fluid style, but isn't getting too crazy and overdoing it with the video game combos. Jeff Grosso approves.

The Elm Company makes hats for snowboarders and they are still in business.

Is everybody OK with seven days of Sixty Forty from 1995 starting on Monday? It will be eight days of Flip afterwards. I'm chipping away at Sorry, but it's taking some effort. Blitz rotated ads for their different companies so that makes this a little harder. Since Flip ran a lot of non-skating ads, I'm trying to pair up each rider with a skate photo to go with the chill shot.

Transworld - November 2010 Volume 28 Number 11


Justin said...

Cross Continental:

White Ninja said...

60/40 approved... make sure you get a good Chatman pic. Him and Klein, such an underrated pai rwhile they were on World. And that jimi hendrix graphic, was screen printed with like 6 colors. never happen today. oh well enough rambling. Thanks again.

rnc said...

60/40 was the right way to do things.

Justin said...

Sadly, Ron didn't have any skating ads in 1995 for 60/40. He also wasn't a fan of the Hendrix copy graphic. Otherwise, it will be the rest of their ads that haven't been on VID yet.