Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brent Atchley.

Where in the hell did the hip-hop go?

Brent was an amateur for Element. He turned pro for them around about 2006. Brent left the planet in 2010. He was riding for Tribute Skateboards afterward, but that company appears to have ended in 2013. Element released a solo video of Brent ripping up Burnside and a bunch of other places when he turned pro. He's got ridiculous board control on transition and some nice floating backside ollies, kind of like Tim O'Connor. It took me a couple of watchings to make sense of his video part. In retrospect, he brought a slightly different style of skating to the table at the time.

Bryce Kanights snapped the photo. Speaking of Bryce, there's a great interview at the Chrome Ball Incident about his legendary Studio 43.

Skateboarder - January 2010 Volume 19 Number 5

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