Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Don Nguyen #2.


The Nuge had been on Foundation until 2009 when he joined up with the Baker crew. He's still riding for them and jumping down huge gaps. He plays bass in Arctic with Justin Figueroa on guitar and Frecks on the drums. Nuge and Sammy Baca have a clothing company called Volume 4.

Thrasher - February 2010 Volume 30 Number 2


Justin said...

Ripping with Figgy:

Justin said...

Fist bumps with Baca:

White Ninja said...

hi , ive been commenting more than usual. I just wanted to say thank you for putting your time into the site for my entertainment. its an everyday read for me. And as every typical "troll" commenter, how about a scott bourne post, or Karma? Pretty sure Ive seen karma on here , not sure about black arm tho.

Many thanks again. keep it up.

Justin said...

Thanks for stopping by. I never know how some of the stuff I post goes over.

There's got to be at least two Scott Bourne posts on here. Use the search box on the top left of the page. It works pretty well.

It's funny that you mention Scott because I've been tracking down ads for Flip's Sorry video and been finding a lot of cool stuff from 2002. I found an ad of him doing a loop in one of those cradle things yesterday. I'm going to try to put it on here sooner instead of later.

The first week of March will be 60/40 and Flip will be after that.

rnc said...

So psyched for 60/40 week.

Seriously, thanks in advance.

stephen said...

Stoked on 60/40 too. I loved that era of the gonz. Haha. That part of his in glasses for your feet or whatever was gold.