Friday, January 22, 2016

Clint Walker.

"Folk metal with a little bit of post-punk."

Clint is from Altus, Oklahoma. He is sponsored by Birdhouse and turned pro after his part in the Ambiguous Clothing video Modern Art from 2013. For the video, he took down a lot of big handrails and gaps. There was some rooftop and ditch skating as well, with a no comply over a handrail for good measure. Clint also rides for Independent and Pig Wheels. He is an RV enthusiast.

Ryan Lay's switch fence ollie in the new issue of Transworld is a total throwback to 1991 because of the shape of the Welcome deck he is riding. Only nobody was blasting switch ollies over fences that big 25 years ago.

The photo is by Antton Miettinen.

The Skateboard Mag - April 2011 Issue 85

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