Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eric Koston #6.

Los Angeles.

It really was not much of a surprise that Eric wound up riding for Nike after stints on éS and Lakai. He was one of the first pros who made it OK for skateboarders to like real sports such as basketball and even appeared in an ad for Oakley sunglasses wearing a Laker uniform. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing in all honesty. Anyway, Eric left his long time sponsor of Girl at the end of 2015. There hasn't been much accurate word on who he will be riding for next. It was a little shocking that he and Guy Mariano quit since they both had been there since the beginning. I supposed they could be starting a new company as many pros are doing these days, but I don't see either as the entrepreneur types. I guess this is one of the big stories we have to look forward to for the year ahead.

Thrasher - August 2011 Volume 31 Number 8


Anonymous said...

Apparently Koston is starting "Stove" skateboards through Big Time Dist. Not really sure what to say about the name... Maybe if it's true he'll get BA on the team after the demise of 3D.



Justin said...

Thanks for the update. Stove seems like it might be a hoax. I don't know. I figured 3D was done when Brian Anderson was riding a Krooked board with a couple 3D stickers on it in the most recent issue of the Skateboard Mag.