Monday, January 11, 2016

Heath Kirchart #8.

Hydrant kickflip to hill bomb while giving the finger to a disgruntled motorist.

Heath retired from the pro ranks after Emerica's Stay Gold video in 2010. He pops up at demos and in team manager roles from time to time these days. He's also dabbled in feats of athletic endurance, such as biking across the United States.

Vert Is Dead is taking a look back at skateboarders from 2011 for the next four weeks. I picked out some different skaters and companies just to get more variety on the website. I'm going to start looking at stuff from the early 2000s next in the same type of format as in the past where I'll spend a week on a company from a given year. The early aughts now have some distance to them so we can view those years with a critical eye now.

Skateboarder - January 2011 Volume 20 Number 5


nonickname said...

Happy New Year Justin! Good skater/photo to start the year off with, the speed at which he attacked that line was crazy.
Knowing that a giant snowstorm was heading our way and skating would be done for quite some time I re-discovered that ice+road salt+frozen wheels with no give can equal a pretty funny fall when just rolling around in front of your house at midnight. Hope your area of NY state isn't getting hammered too badly.

Justin said...

I got to skate in a damp street after work for about seven minutes on Friday before it started raining. I bailed my first ollie of 2016. I did get a good pop shove it first try before it started to rain. I had a vague plan to check out the indoor park on Saturday, but I wound up hanging with a friend who came to visit for the day. I should have gone to the park instead.

The snow showed up Sunday night. I had a snow day from work yesterday and I think more is on the way this afternoon. We're sitting at about 9" right now.