Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tony Trujillo #4.


Fourstar was started out of the Girl camp by Eric Koston and Guy Mariano in 1996, but those two don't work there these days. The idea was to create some unique and more athletic fashions for skateboarders that were based on the stuff Eric and Guy liked to wear. The original team included Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Keenan Milton, Mark Gonzales, and Max Schaaf. Colin McKay, Andrew Reynolds, Brian Anderson, and Paul Rodriguez have ridden for the Star in the twenty years since. Currently the team includes Lucas Puig, Tyler Bledsoe, Ishod Wair, Andrew Brophy, Sean Malto, Cory Kennedy, and Frank Gerwer. Based upon the recent Fourstar European tour article in Thrasher, Bledsoe is crushing it as of late.

John Scott will be allowed to play in the NHL All Star Game. If you let the fans vote, you have to live with the results. They are the ones giving you the money to support your product so their voice is kind of important.

The Skateboard Mag - December 2011 Issue 93

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