Monday, January 25, 2016

Cory Kennedy.

What'd you think about that football-shaped board he was riding?

I was shocked! 'Cause those boards sucked when we rode 'em in the '90s, so seeing him on that thing and what he was doing on it was pretty rad. But whatever. If he's doing that type of skating on that board, by all means. It was just nice to not see any pressure flips on it. I might've had flashbacks!

Football shaped skateboards as discussed by Michael Burnett and his friend Kevin.

Cory is from Lake Stevens, Washington. He got hooked up with Girl in high school and turned pro for them in 2011. His other sponsors include Nike, Fourstar, and Spitfire. After a tech heavy part for Chocolate's Pretty Sweet video from 2012, Cory seems to have settled into a fun loving permanent vacation mood. He's not resting on his laurels like many a 1990s chillin' pro, but completely going for it on all types of terrain and on boards that are well broken in with a smile on his face.

For the quote: Thrasher - January 2016 Volume 36 Number 1

The Skateboard Mag - August 2011 Issue 89

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