Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rodrigo Tx.


Rodrigo is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He rides for DGK, LRG, Adidas, Venture, Bones Bearings, and Mob Grip. He used to ride for Lance Mountain's Firm and éS. His full last name is Teixeira. He specializes in well done technical street skating. I watched his part in LRG's Give Me My Money Chico video from 2010 last night. Tx does some good frontside noseslides and catches his flip tricks properly. Give Me My Money is a fun vid to watch actually. It features a lot of Frank Gerwer, which is always a bonus.

After years of rumors about going out of business, éS finally signed off in 2011. Sole Tech brought the company back in 2015 with a new team of Kelly Hart, Walker Ryan, Tom Asta, and Ryan Lay. It also appears they are making the classic Sal Barbier model again and a proper reissue of the Accel.

Transworld - January 2011 Volume 29 Number 1

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nonickname said...

I bought a pair of the "OG" accels (not the slim version) in black late in the fall, haven't worn them yet, I'll break em out in the spring, which gives me time to track down fat white laces and some Blind jeans to complete my nostalgia. However I won't be braiding my hair like Mike Carroll. I did that in 93 (first year of university) and that's just a bad, bad look.