Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chad Muska #7.

"For a long time, Muska and I filmed and skated everything together. It got weird, though, towards the end of filming. Muska really wanted last part and he was blowing up, but he got hurt toward the end and I was still filming. I learned a few of his forte tricks, and he wasn't able to do them because he was hurt.

I was supposed to be making the video, and encouraging everyone along, and all of a sudden I was battling with someone on my team. So I took the back seat and we decided he would have last part. I figured my part would be what it was wherever it was. But things escalated from there. The computer crashed the night of the premiere. It was a debacle, the worst scene ever. Muska was pretty drunk that night. He blew up on Ed Templeton in front of a thousand people and ended up leaving the team. But, in the beginning Muska and I were pushing each other super hard. He had so much energy." - Jamie Thomas

The Muska was on Toy Machine up until the premiere of Welcome To Hell when all hell broke loose. Ed kicked him off the team and Chad soon joined the new board effort from Shorty's. He has said that this was a turning point in his life and caused him to refocus his priorities. Tricks from his part did surface in the Fulfill The Dream video from Shorty's in 1998. The full Muska part is included on the Welcome To Hell DVD in the Toy Machine video box set.

I've been picking good days to take off. It was about 80˚ F and sunny yesterday. I took a short trip to Erie, Pennsylvania and skateboarded at their city park. I even managed a few ollies over the hip at the place.

RIP Dylan Rieder.

For the quote: Skateboarder - March 2008 Volume 17 Number 7

Big Brother - Issue 20 Spring 1996

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White Ninja said...

How come there is no muska doc. I'd love to know some stories.. penny, ba. List goes on