Friday, October 21, 2016

Rudy Johnson #6.

Time is tight.

Rudy had a few tricks in a shared part with Jovontae Turner and Tim Gavin in Mouse. He did some 180 to grind variations while wearing some early DC Shoes. His son Diego is a skateboarder and recently shared a clip with dad for Royal Trucks.

Jenkem's Welcome To Hell week is way better than the one I did here. Josh Stewart's tour footage of Jamie Thomas attacking the streets is intense.

Thrasher - August 1996 Volume 16 Number 8


White Ninja said...

How is Rudy not remembered more? When I was younger he rated really high. Shit he had one of the 1st DC signature shoes. Any idea why?

Maurice said...

I think because after Ban This and Video Days, he never really had another amazing video part. He just kind of fell off the radar.

nonickname said...

If the Droors shirt doesn't date this pic, the pager ad in the background surely does. But like Dennis on 30 Rock says "technology is cyclical...pagers are coming back!"

Justin said...

Yeah, he didn't really put out all that much stuff, which is a bummer. He did have a nice resurgence with DC in the late 90s. He also moved behind the scenes to work on Royal, too.

I was glad this was from 96. I thought it might have been 97 or even 98. I tried to find art for everybody that was from the Mouse time period (95-97, ideally 96 only) and somehow managed to do that. Big props to DVS for sponsoring all these guys and using them in their ads.