Thursday, October 27, 2016

Daniel Castillo #2.

Terror Metal.

Daniel was on World Industries before joining Chocolate. He was a forever amateur until finally turning pro around about 2008. Daniel is from Culver City in California. His video parts include a bunch of switch tricks and manuals. He's got inward heelflips down.

I have to give a shout out to DVS for sponsoring so many of the guys on Chocolate. It was getting a little hard to find photos I hadn't used already or even just photos of some of the riders. Thanks, dudes.

The photo is by Socrates Leal.

Thrasher - November 1997 Volume 17 Number 11


Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know when the Vision Psycho Stick 2 originally came out? How is the concave nose etc. Im looking into buying a reissue.

Anonymous said...

Also, when did the Caballero "chinese dragon" (the one with the full dragon) originally come out? What about The Caballero "Street deck"? (the one with dragon head and bats) Last but not least, the Vision Gator.

Justin said...

I would guess mid 1980s for most of the those. Psycho Stick 2 might be 87 or so.

As for board quality, Vision is handling a lot of deck reproductions. Honestly the quality isn't great. If they were boards you were going to skate, little screw ups with the screen printing wouldn't be a big deal, but for wall hangers, it's a bummer. There's also a tendency for the boards to get shrink wrapped before the ink is dry.

The wood is thick and heavy, just like the decks were in the 1980s. The shapes and graphics are faithful to back then because they are using the exact same art and molds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have been re watching The Search for animal chin and thus far Cab has had the "Chinese Dragon" deck so I assume that it came out in 87 due to the fact that that is when the video came out. Do you know if the "Street Deck" came out after that? Say in 88 or 89?

Anonymous said...

Was Vision formed in 85? Vision and Vision Street Wear were in fact formed at the same time right? In that sense did the Original Gator come out in 85 or maybe 86?

nonickname said...

Here's what I got from Sean Cliver's Disposable book:

First Gator for G&S 1982, original Vision Gator 1984.
Cab Chinese Dragon (full body) Boneite 1986, street (head and bats) 87.
Can't find a release date for the PS 2, but it lists a Psycho Stick (original) as a 86 release and the PS Mini as an 87, so the PS 2 is a late 87 or 88 I guess.

Justin said...

Go by what Nick says for the years. Definitely consult Disposable for more specific dates on any given board.

Vision started in the very late 1970s/very early 1980s. Vision Street Wear came later - 85 or 86 - to cash in on the popularity of skateboard clothing.

Jolly said...

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