Monday, October 17, 2016

Jeron Wilson #4.

Mouse turns twenty this year so I figured I'd better do something to honor a classic skateboard flick. This was the third video from the Girl and Chocolate camp and was their most polished effort by far. Whereas Goldfish felt pieced together to promote a new company and Las Nueve Vidas De Paco was a try at blending a spaghetti western with a skateboard video, Mouse upped the production values a lot. There were skits, but since Spike Jonze was now an accomplished music video director, they looked a lot better and even incorporated special effects. The skateboarding is top notch stuff and Mouse serves to document the technical side of street skating that was going on from 1995-96. The soundtrack was mostly hip hop, oldies, and funky classics. A lot of the parts were on the short side compared to what goes into skateboard vids today because there weren't second angles, slow motion, lifestyle shots, and mandatory high fives back then. Or there weren't as many of them. Efficiency can be a good thing.

J Dubs opens the video lots of ledge tech and cleanly caught flips. He even hits up a couple of handrails. Jeron turned pro shortly after Mouse was released. He had previously ridden for Real and Blind.

Transworld - July 1996 Volume 14 Number 7

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